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Regional Fire Services Manager

Job Type: 
Management / Administration
Flagstaff Regional Emergency Services Society
Job Description : 

Reporting to the Flagstaff Regional Emergency Services Society (FRESS), the Regional Fire Services Manager will have full oversight for the build-out, financial sustainability and overall development of the Regional Fire Services model guided by the Business Plan and Master Agreement. This individual will be integral to creating positive and productive relationships with all municipal stakeholders toward the successful implementing of the regional fire services model.


  • Build relationships with each municipality and fire station within the Regional Fire Service System including Fire Chiefs, Aid Partners, Alberta Fire Service, the Office of the Fire Commissioner and other key stakeholders.
  • Liaise with provincial, municipal and industry on fire services.
  • Provide advisory support to municipal and fire services leaders.

Administrative Management

  • Provide administrative support to the Society and its Board.
  • Develop and modify an administrative structure as the model evolves.
  • Create relevant protocols and policies.
  • Establish filing, record keeping and reporting structures.
  • Develop an organization logo.
  • Create relevant meeting and or committee structures.

Financial Management

  • Create a short-term (6-month) budget.
  • Pursue and apply for grant opportunities to help support the new model.
  • Transition to and prepare a more long-term shared-sustainable budget.


  • Short-term (6-month)
    • Create a 6-month implementation plan to build-out the structure of this new model.
    • Identify key priorities to create a sustainable trajectory for the model to grow.
  • • Long-term (1-3 years)
    • Assess the organization structure and human resource needs for the regional model transitioning over the long term.
    • Develop regional Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) consistent with Board direction and desired fire service delivery.
    • Establish desired service level targets and key performance indicators (KPIs).   o Monitor and evaluate established targets and processes for quality and efficiency.
    • Develop a regional training model that combines in-house and regional training opportunities.
    • Investigate application of on-line and other software technology.
    • Establish and support a regional coordinated recruitment and recognition program to satisfy staffing and volunteer requirements, retention and acknowledge achievements.

Communications & Awareness

  • Establish communication protocols with the Board and different stakeholders.
  • Create communication and public awareness products and tools using different mediums (e.g., social media, website…).

Other Duties

  • May be required and assigned by the Board.

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Closing Date: 
May 31, 2021
Application Return: 

Information, expressions of interest and resumes contact or send in confidence to:

Ken Glover, BSc., RPR
Managing Partner, HumanEdge Global
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