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Director of Operations

Job Type: 
Executive Opportunities
Town of Westlock
Job Description : 

Reporting to the CAO; the Director of Operations will be responsible to ensure the provision of Operations and Maintenance to all Town Infrastructure and fleet as per the approved business plan, budgets, policies, and procedures of the Town of Westlock and within pertinent codes and guidelines. The Employee may be required, on an ongoing basis, to attend applicable training, workshops, seminars and courses at the discretion of the Employer in order to facilitate job knowledge and performance.


  • The preparation of the business plan, annual budgets and expenditure control for the department (Operations and Utilities) within the parameters of the budget as approved by Town Council, under the guidance of the CAO and Director of Finance.
  • As part of the senior leadership team play a role in the creation of the four year Corporate Business Plan. Ensuring alignment with the Strategic Plan, specifically the goal of: The Town of Westlock asset management plan is the foundation of infrastructure investment decision making.
  • Provide and ensure supervision, hiring, training and direction for Operations Lead Hand, and the Utilities Supervisor, as well as ensure supervision, hiring, training and direction for all other Operations/ Utilities Employees.
  • Ensure Operations and Utility functions, infrastructure maintenance, and Capital Projects for the Town are completed within budget, approved standards, and to the satisfaction of the CAO.
  • Ensure and facilitate all applicable training programs and related policies are in place and adhered to.
  • Recommend and arrange for pricing of Capital Asset replacement as well as supervise capital project completions for the department.
  • You will be a member of the Asset Management Committee which facilitates the development of the overall Asset Management Plan; ensuring all infrastructure and as built drawings are obtained and provided to ensure accuracy of the plan.
  • Ensure accurate record keeping, report generation, and responsible budget control for all department functions.
  • Access applicable alternate funding sources and grants in a timely fashion.
  • Work cooperatively with the public and address their concerns promptly.
  • Through regular communications, maintain an effective working relationship with other key personnel, including, but not limited to: Town of Westlock Council, staff and departments, community groups, and related provincial and regional associations.
  • Perform other duties and/or functions as assigned by the CAO.


  • Facilitate Team Development/Interaction within the department.
  • Approve the location of underground utilities.
  • With the Operations Senior staff; ensure the development of safety & equipment standards, manuals and training; monitor expenditures of budget and review monthly; ensure maintenance of accurate records and record keeping; assess labour requirements for the Operations department.
  • Attend Council and other meetings as required (i.e. Senior Management Team, Safety Committee, and general staff meetings).
  • Establish pricing for equipment rental and review annually.
  • Design and implement an equipment replacement program for the department.
  • Design and implement an infrastructure replacement program.
  • Maintain memberships with, and attendance to, all applicable Associations, Meetings, Workshops, and/or Conferences.
  • If required, work with other municipalities in providing mutual aid programs.


  • The minimum level of education required to perform these duties:
    • High School graduate
    • intermediate courses related to the position
    • Certified Engineering Technologist designation (under qualified hiring will be considered with equivalencies)
  • The minimum experience required to perform these duties:
    • four-years experience on any related work
    • five-years in a municipal supervisory capacity


Directives, manuals, regulations, ordinance, or other written guidelines used regularly by this position:

  • direction from the CAO - Town of Westlock Policies and Procedures
  • Strategic Plan - Corporate Business Plan - Human Resources Manual
  • CUPE Agreement - provincial regulations and legislation
  • accepted construction/maintenance methods and/or practices
  • plans and specifications


This position will have frequent contact with the following:

  • Town of Westlock CAO and Council
  • Town of Westlock staff
  • contractors & engineers
  • Alberta Government Representatives (i.e. Alberta Environment, Alberta Transportation etc)
  • general public


Features of work, which may create unusual demands or, which may create physical and/or mental stress:

  • considerable pressure may be exerted on the Director of Operations & Infrastructure by the CAO to ensure work is completed, to meet deadlines
  • requires discretion in all matters
Closing Date: 
April 29, 2021
Application Return: 

The Town of Westlock offers a competitive salary and excellent employee benefit program including LAPP pension.

This competition will remain open until a suitable candidate is found. The Town of Westlock thanks all applicants for their interest; however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Please submit your resume with three references in confidence to:

Town of Westlock
10003-106 Street
Westlock, Alberta T7P 2K3

Phone: 780-349-4444
Fax: 780-349-4436
mail: employment@westlock.ca